What's new for MTK Hardwood Bikes in 2019?

A couple of new things for 2019 are making their way onto the MTK RD.

  1. New dropouts! Some of the things the new dropouts will accomplish are: cleaner integration with the wood portions of the frame, easier manufacturing (for me!), and a little added pizzazz. I’m really excited about the new platform.

MTK RD3 Dropouts Render.png

2. More tire clearance. The spec’d 28mm tires were a little too snug in the MTK RD. Based on customer feedback, I’ve increased the clearance.

3. Headtube badge. If you’ve seen the MTK bicycles, you’ve probably been struck by the lack of graphics or logos. What can I say? I love the clean look of a bicycle without logos to distract from the natural ascetics of a well-designed frame! I’ve decided a headtube badge won’t distract away from this, so all bikes forward will get the treatment.


That’s what’s up for 2019.

How about 2020? Maybe a gravel bike? Commuter bike? You’ll just have to wait to see.

benjamin tuttleComment