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Benjamin Tuttle

A little about me:

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY.

Cycling has been apart of my life since early high school, just like running has been. Although I've excelled more in running throughout college, cycling has always been on my mind. It's a perfect mix of endurance and exploration.

If I had to choose to be anywhere, I would choose to be outside. I love exploring new roads on my bike and hiking new trails with my wife. And if I had to choose to be doing anything, it would be using my mechanical engineering (B.S.M.E.) degree to design and build. I've had a desk job before, and it killed me to look outside at the sun knowing I'm stuck in front of a computer. Now, with making wood bikes, there's a balance of engineering on a computer and being outside on a bike. It's a balance I truly enjoy because I'm designing and building performance road bikes out of wood, loving every minute of it!

Why I’m making bikes

"There is hardly a day when I'm not thinking of "better," whether that's improving our bike frame's ride, the next great location to explore, or my own endurance. This "better" applies directly to the two things that keep me excited and moving forward: creativity and challenge. Creativity in solving problems in unique ways or doing it in a different way, and challenge in doing something that nobody else is doing. Hopefully you can see I love a good challenge and I love doing things differently."