Why Ride Wood?

Most people may think of wood bicycles strictly as novelty, something only interesting to look at. But that's not the intent or the results of the wood bicycles that are designed and built here. I build wood road bicycles that perform by being surprisingly stiff and smooth riding. So, if you're wondering why you should consider riding a wood road bicycle, these two articles are great resources that will help you navigate through the facts about wood as a frame building material.

Steel vs TI vs AL vs Wood Cross-section v4.png

Can a Wood Bike Be Light, Strong, and Stiff?

An analysis on how a wood bicycle can move past novelty and become light, strong, and stiff. This article is a comparison of metal and wood as a frame building material.

geometric stiffness tube comarison with logo v1.png

Why Does Wood Absorb Vibration So Well?

The reason that wood is a great material to build frames with lies within its damping capacity, which works in a surprising way.