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Montauk Hardwood Bikes

Custom geometry road bicycles built from wood that are designed to last a lifetime.

Each frame is handcrafted, one at a time, for each rider.

There’s a lot of details that could go overlooked. So look closer and you’ll see seamless transitions between chain stays and seat stays. Custom designed and engineered aluminum dropouts. Integrated seat mast simplifies the lines around the seat tube. Book matched wood grain pattern in the head tube area. Simple, remarkably clean lines come to life against the backdrop of natural wood grain.

Montauk Hardwood Bikes, Drive Side View 3.png
Montauk Hardwood Bikes, Headtube Closeup.JPG
Montauk Hardwood Bikes, Rear View.png
Montauk Hardwood Bikes, Seat Tube/Top Tube Closeup.JPG
Montauk Hardwood Bikes, Non-Drive Side View 4.png

Design and Build

Each frame is surprisingly light and stiff with hollow construction and carbon fiber sleeve inserts

A two part finish seals the wood frame from the elements. Truly durable and long lasting, even in tough climates.

Options include: custom geometry or stock geometry. Choose from Black Walnut or Ash. Other wood species are available upon request.

Each frame starts in CAD, moves to programming and machining on a CNC router to rough out the shape, and finally is worked by hand to it’s final form.

Building a MTK Hardwood Bike 2.png
Building a MTK Hardwood Bike.png


Montauk Hardwood Bikes got its name after a group of four friends finished a cross country bike trip which ended in Montauk, NY. Back in 2015, Ben rode the entire 4,200 mile trip on a prototype MTK RD.

In the spirit of doing something great, Montauk Hardwood Bikes will continue to design and build exceptional bikes. Bikes you can simply ride all day on, or bikes you can ride across the country on. In the end, I hope that these bikes get you outside and carry you over the road ahead, in a remarkably comfortable ride, with a whole lot of craftsmanship to boot. 

07.22.2019 cross country trip on a MTK Hardwood Bike 5.jpg
09.13.2019 cross country trip on a MTK Hardwood Bike 7.jpg

Why Ride Wood?



A comparison of metal and wood as a frame building material.


The reason that wood is a great material to build frames with lies within its damping capacity, which works in a surprising way.

Steel, TI, AL, and Wood Cross-Section Analysis.png
Montauk Hardwood Bikes, Non-Drive Side View 4.png


The MTK RD is a disc brake equipped road bike. 28mm wide tire clearance, 12mm thru axle, and an integrated seat post.

NT Woodworking.jpg


Woodworking runs in the family. I’m just following the same path of craftsmanship and design.

54cm Road Frame with Drops_54 Custom Geo.png

Order Process

Choose stock geometry or custom geometry. Choose your wood. Choose your components.

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