Step 1

The first step in ordering a new custom wood road bike is simply getting in touch with me. Filling out this order form gets the conversation started.


  • Choose stock geometry or custom geometry; we will discuss your needs in follow-up interviews.

  • Choose your wood.

  • Choose your components. Whether you know exactly what you want already or need help deciding on components to build up your bike, I can spec your bike keeping within your budget. Frame only: $3,500 and complete builds start at $5,500+

To get in touch and start the ordering process, fill out our order form below. This same form is also found on the BIKES page.

Wood ready to be cut for bike.jpg

Step 2

INITIAL DEPOSIT. After I receive your Build Form, you will be asked to place an initial deposit of $500 on your order. 

Step 3

54cm Road Frame Custom Geometry.png

DESIGN APPROVAL. Once the deposit has been recieved, I will put together the documents necessary to start the build process. This is necessary in order to ensure I'm on the same page as you, as you are signing off on the documents. These documents include:

  1. CAD Drawing. Custom geometry frames will display the frame geometry dimensions we've discussed in detail in the follow-up interviews.

  2. Components Spec Sheet. This sheet will list all of your desired components that you've picked out. Whether you know exactly what you want already, or need help deciding on components, I can accommodate. Everything that goes on your bike will be listed on the sheet.

  3. Estimate. This Estimate sheet includes the total charge for your bike based on the CAD drawing of your stock or custom geometry frame and Component Spec Sheet, as well as any other custom requests. Your total does not include applicable tax and shipping charges.

It is very important that you review each document in your Design Approval file and ensure that everything is correct. Once I receive your approval, I build according to the file. Now, you will be entered into the production schedule once an initial deposit of 1/2 of the estimated cost of your complete build is received.

Step 4

WE BUILD. After you have approved the design and components found in the Design Approval file, I'll start the build process. Usually, the build time for each stock and custom geometry frame is up to 10 weeks because of how intensive the manufacturing process is. I will keep you updated on the progress of the build and send you a picture of your bike being assembled on the frame jig or being sanded.

After the build process is complete, your frame will be packaged safely into a box and it'll head towards you!


Step 5

Chattanooga Gran Fondo on MTK Hardwood Bike.jpg